GEPRC Crocodile75 V3 HD O3 Long Range FPV


GEPRC Crocodile75 V3 HD O3 Long Range FPV

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GEPRC Crocodile75 V3 HD O3 Long Range FPV

With breakthrough innovation in long range FPV and a host of enhancements, the Crocodile75 V3 sets new standards for performance and reliability.

The Crocodile75 V3 impresses not only with its innovative design, but also with a reinforced overall structure that reduces vibration and provides an incredibly smooth and stable flying experience. Thanks to the O3 Air Unit with special cooling components, you will enjoy an effective cooling environment for carefree flying adventures.

The integration of the battery connector into the fuselage allows for easy handling. With the SPAN G50A BLHeli_32 4IN1 ESC and the 2806.5 1350KV motor, you always have enough power at your disposal. Optimized energy consumption also allows you to save power efficiently.


GEPRC experts have carefully and rigorously tuned the Crocodile75 V3 to give you the most passionate flying experience. Let’s take a closer look at some of the impressive features of this product:


  1. Innovative design to reduce vibration: The reinforced structure of the Crocodile75 V3 minimizes the effects of body and gyroscope vibrations, ensuring accurate flight data.
  2. Powerful motor and propeller combination: the SPEEDX2 2806.5 1350KV motor combined with the HQProp7.5×3.7×3 propeller provides you with enough power and high efficiency.
  3. High quality ESC: With SPAN G50A BLHeli_32 4IN1 ESC, you will have reliable and powerful control for your drone.
  4. Protection from dirt and dust: Protective side panels keep the electronic control system from instability that could be caused by contamination with sand and dust.
  5. Integrated design with simplified power supply: The battery connector is seamlessly integrated into the fuselage, resulting in easy and aesthetic handling.
  6. Excellent heat dissipation: The Crocodile75 V3 is equipped with a special heat sink that ensures excellent heat dissipation and prevents overheating and stopping of the O3 Air Unit recording.
  7. Flexible Battery Use: The longer fuselage of the Crocodile75 V3 allows the use of Lipo 6S 3300mAh-4500mAh or Lion 6S 6000mAh batteries for long flight times.
  8. Optimal for 7-inch or 7.5-inch propellers: The Crocodile75 V3 drone is perfectly tuned for use with 7-inch or 7.5-inch propellers to give you maximum flight performance and stability.



  • Model: Crocodile75 V3 HD O3
  • Frame: GEP-LC75 V3
  • Wheelbase: 342 mm
  • Upper plate: 2.5 mm
  • Lower plate: 3,0 mm
  • Arm plate: 6,0 mm
  • Split plate: 2,5 mm
  • Flight Controller: SPAN F722-BT-HD V2
  • ESC: SPAN G50A BLHeli_32 4IN1
  • MCU: STM32F722RET6
  • Gyroscope: ICM 42688-P
  • OSD: Betaflight OSD with AT7456E chip
  • VTX: O3 Air Unit
  • Camera: O3
  • GPS: GEP-M8U
  • Antenna: Momoda 5.8G LHCP SMA x2
  • Motor: SPEEDX2 2806.5 1350KV
  • Propeller: HQProp7.5×3.7×3
  • Weight: 628.5g
  • Receiver: PNP (integrated O3 Air Unit receiver)
  • Recommended battery: Lipo 6S 2600mAh-4200mAh / Lion 6S 6000mAh (not included)
  • Flight time: 12-30 minutes


Scope of delivery

  • 1 x Crocodile75 V3 HD O3
  • 4 x HQProp7.5×3.7×3 propellers
  • 2 x M20*250 mm battery straps
  • 2 x battery silicone pads
  • 1 x set of screws
  • 1 x L-shaped screwdriver (1.5 mm)
  • 1 x L-shaped screwdriver (2 mm)
  • 1 x L-shaped screwdriver (3 mm)
  • 1 x M5 wrench
  • 1 x GEPRC key ring
  • 1 x GP camera base


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