Drone Assembly and 3D Print

Our workshop is available to assemble your Quad with the different elements that you have selected. Or that we will have helped you to choose.

The package for assembly, configuration and tuning of a Cinelifter is 65€/PH (this include setup and config for the Camera/Gyrologger and PID tuning for smooth cinematic Flying).

This package includes the assembly, including parts and accessories required for assembly, as well as the setting and configuration of the set (including Radio if necessary).

You can also send us items that are already in your possession (Radio, FPV system, radio receiver …)
and we will use them to assemble your Quad.

IMG 0340

3D printing services

We have got several 3D printers and a designer who can make any type of 3D printed parts.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any 3D printing request, from PLA to TPU we can quickly print all your parts