FETtec Spike Absorber


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FETtec Spike Absorber

The FETtec Spike Absorber uses well-selected TVS diodes to absorb dangerous voltage spikes and thus protect theconnected components. The spike absorber is designed for use with an electrolytic capacitor. The capacitor can be mounted directly onto it.

It prevents the voltage rise above a certain voltage by absorbing the energy of the voltage spike.

Very high voltage and current spikes occur in electric drive systems using brushless motors and LiPo batteries. The best known way to keep them in an area where they do not damage other connected loads is to use capacitors. This is actually also a good method. Capacitors dampen all movements in the voltage by charging when the voltage rises and discharging when it falls again. In some cases the voltage spikes are too fast for capacitors. These peaks are in the range of nano- and microseconds, they can easily reach twice or three times the normal battery voltage. Most consumers can tolerate these voltage peaks even if they are far above the actual maximum voltage rating. If the voltage spikes are too high, or if they occur repeatedly over a long period of time, the voltage regulator, capacitors and FETs can be damaged and fail. The spike absorber absorbs these voltage peaks, so that damaging voltages cannot even be reached.


  • well selected TVS diodes to absorb dangerous voltage peaks and thus protect connected components
  • designed for use with an electrolytic capacitor, which can be mounted directly on it
  • maximum operating voltage 25.2V (6S LiPo)
  • Dimensions 23mm x 10mm
  • 1,62g Weight


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