"Sastekwads FPV drones offer perhaps the most immersive flying experience you could have with drones, but that First Person View comes with its own challenges, benefits and equipment"
Located in Antwerp, always welcome to chat, ask questions, hands-on problem solving and repairing.
  • Tailored to Your Needs 
  • We can source and custom build your Cinema FPV Drone package from as little as a specific shot it needs to accomplish.  Fully customized and including every piece of equipment you need.
  • Wide Range of Platforms 
  • We can build a variety of platforms for your next Cinema project that range from whoop (hand size) to large Heavy Lift Red Camera drones that can perform like a race drone while capturing amazing footage. 
  • Ready to Shoot Out the Box 
  • We specialize in building, testing, and packaging platforms with exactly what is needed to arrive on set, charge some batteries, and get the shots.
  • Available Anytime for Our Clients 
  • No matter what you need or when you need it, we will be here to find it and get it to you.  Have an issue with a kit we sent you, or just need help getting going, we will help you there too. 
  • On Site Setup and Training 
  • We will arrive with your gear and help you get started as well as provide in depth training upon request.  
  • Creative Consulting and Directing 
  • We can work with your director and other creative consulting team to help ensure your next project utilizes FPV drones in ways that elevate its creative value.